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Aug 12, 20    Best meat bars on the market
Guest from Greeneville
Aug 11, 20    I love Tanka bars
Robert from philadelphia
Aug 08, 20    Tanka bar order
Gary from Sioux Falls
Aug 08, 20    Awesome recipe!
Benjamin from Columbia
Aug 06, 20    Delicious satisfying filling tanka bars.
Richard from Denver
Jul 26, 20    Excellent Protien bars
Kristopher from Wilmington
Jul 23, 20    bars are the greatest! and perfect size.
Mike from Austin
Jul 14, 20    tanka bite size
Tracy from Denver
Jul 09, 20    I love Tanka bars. I could not find the flavors I like at the local grocery stores so decide to buy direct from factory
Debra from Superior
Jul 03, 20    Love You Guys!
Robin from Glendale
Jun 06, 20    Tanka Sticks
Debbie from Myrtle Beach
Jun 04, 20    Tanka Bars are awesome!
Robert from Whitestown
May 31, 20    Tanka Bars
Anne from Barnesville
May 23, 20    Tanka Bars
Gary from Sioux Falls
May 21, 20    No Subject
jason from Occidental
Mar 02, 20    Tanka Bites- TENDER!
Becky M.