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The Primal Pursuit: Conquering a primal pizza
By Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications

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Tanka Bar team member Jenice Johnson, marketing and communications manager, is searching for her inner cavewoman. This was a direct result from reading up on primal and paleo diets after Mark Sisson, an advocate for the primal lifestyle, offered Tanka products up in a giveaway on his site
She's putting it all out there -- the successes and the mishaps with a little help from the online community.

See the entire primal pizza recipe from Mark's Daily Apple reader Ben

The Primal Pursuit: Week One

The Primal Pursuit: Week Two

The Primal Pursuit: Week Three

The Primal Pursuit: Week Four

The Primal Pursuit: Holiday Edition

The Primal Pursuit: New Year's Resolutions

The Primal Pursuit: Primal flu

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