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Are Tanka buffalo grass-fed?
By Mark A. Tilsen, Sr., President, Native American Natural Foods

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We currently buy our buffalo from a variety of sources. Our goal is to buy 100% Native American grass-fed buffalo raised following the wild model.

This means that the buffalo are born and raised in large open prairies eating natural grass from prairie land that has never been tilled or planted. Animals are rotated to simulate the natural migration of buffalo as much as possible. This helps them to eat the different grasses during different grazing sessions, similar to how they have grazed throughout history. The ability to follow a wild management model is limited by modern fences and a limited land base.

Since the Tanka Bar is a blended product, we blend 10/90 lean meat from animals 2 to 3 years old with that of meat from older animals 5 to 6 years old. These are either bulls or females that are no longer producing offspring.

We are working toward having 100% grass-fed meat, meaning that the animals were never given corn or blended feed. Even during the staging process, we want them to be fed hay or feed cake made of 100% natural grasses.

We presently use about 75% grass-fed meat in Tanka products, which means we have not yet achieved our goal of 100% grass-fed.