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Photo by Jessica Giard, @jessicabybike.

Tanka Bar a treat for young Junior Achievement
students in South Dakota

By Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing

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Jessica Giard, who tweeted us this week, is a volunteer with the Chamberlain, SD, chapter of Junior Achievement. She sent us the above photo of a carton of our Slow Smoked Original Tanka Bars in the classroom.

They are in a pilot program this year with sessions in fourth-grade classes at Chamberlain Elementary School as well as the class Ms. Giard is teaching at St. Joseph's Indian School.

"The students learn about basic business and entrepreneurship skills and the foundation for running a business," she said. "The kids have been great, and the ideas seem to stick. I'm proud of them."

Ms. Giard said she heard the interview with our CEO Karlene Hunter on South Dakota Public Broadcasting on her way to class a couple weeks ago.

"It was good timing. That day we talked about using resources in a business, so I used Tanka Bar as an example of using local human resources on the reservation to create a business," she said. "I think it's good for the students to have a real world example of a business built and supported on the reservation; one which shares a positive outlook on being Indian."

Mike Tyrell, the executive director at St Joe's, brought Tanka Bars to class this week for the students to try and she said he has been excellent in supporting Junior Achievement at St. Joseph's Indian School.

"Next Monday is our last session," Ms. Giard said. "And I think I might miss the kids!"

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