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CEO Karlene Hunter ready for meetings in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.
Photo by Dawn Sherman.

Tanka team continues gatherings with The Democracy
Collaborative concerning employee ownership

By Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing

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Our company is constantly evolving and gaining knowledge about becoming an employee-owned business. We have been working with The Democracy Collaborative to make this happen. CEO Karlene Hunter and business manager, Dawn Sherman, took a trip to Cleveland, Ohio, recently for a "Learning/Action Lab" which is a year-long project administered by The Democracy Collaborative in partnership with the Northwest Area Foundation.

Ms. Sherman and Ms. Hunter also gave presentations about Tanka.

Dawn Sherman tells the Learning/Action Lab participants about Tanka's product development.

Karlene Hunter speaks to the group.

Daniel Yang, director of organizing and community building at Native American Community Development Institute holds the new Warrior Bar while Jay Bad Heart Bull of NACDI takes a photo with his phone. The views on the Warrior Bar were favorable.

Ms. Sherman shares her thoughts on the event and previous gatherings:

"I enjoy meeting with the team. Every time we get together, we learn more about each group and their mission. We all have the same goal and that is to help our people and our communities to strive."

Photos by Dawn Sherman, Thunder Valley CDC and The Democracy Collaborative.

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