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Sam Western, Rachel Hunter, Kevin Western and Mark Tilsen
at Western's Smokehouse in Greentop, MO.

Tanka team visits key facilities that help
make the company a success

By Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing

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Mark Tilsen, president, and supply chain manager Rachel Hunter, recently took a trip to visit plant locations responsible for putting our products together for the public.

One of the places they visited was Western's Smokehouse. Kevin Western, owner of the family-based business Western's Smokehouse in Greentop, MO, is an integral partner in keeping our manufacturing and packaging process seamless and efficient.

Western's Smokehouse operates a modern 15,000 square foot federally approved production facility inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA-FSIS). A federal USDA inspector maintains an office in the plant and reviews the production procedures, food safety records and plant facilities on a daily basis.

Sam Western, Kevin Western and Heather Western. Kevin is holding a vase that Tanka headquarters commissioned for the Western's Smokehouse team.

Mr. Tilsen and Ms. Hunter also stopped by one of the companies that print our new cartons -- Midlands Packaging Corporation in Lincoln, NE. Midlands Packaging primarily produces folding cartons, corrugated containers, and thermoformed plastics.

"I learned how the press check goes in regard to the cartons," Ms. Hunter said. "And watched how Kevin Brown (our designer) compared the colors with each other to make sure they are spot on and match exactly."

Rachel Hunter (center) with the Midlands Packaging Corporation team. Our designer Kevin Brown is pictured behind Ms. Hunter.

Ms. Hunter checks out the materials at Midlands Packaging Corporation.

Our cartons getting printed.

Our new Tanka Jerky carton, due for release soon.

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