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Motivational Monday: Stay positive

By the Tanka team

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Every Monday we plan to bring you a motivational post from our friend Waylon Pahona, a trainer and founder of the Facebook group Healthy Active Natives.

Get up and get out. Don't treat Monday as if it's the worst day of the week. Monday is just like any other day only it's the start of a new week and a time to make an impact on others and in the workplace. If you are not happy then change these thoughts because we have enough toxic emotions and feelings already -- we don't need to spread it.

Healthy people don't just train their bodies, healthy people are also healthy in the mind and spirit. We radiate with positive energy, we create our days and we impact others by smiling and expressing the gift of life. Be happy, live powerfully, stand tall and give a positive vibe to your Native brothers and sisters. We need more of this on our Reservations and if someone is not happy, I challenge you to make someone a believer in being positive!

Last but not least, remember we are all good people. We've been put down and pulled apart but that's what keeps us living and being strong Native people."

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