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Chelsea Batten finds Tanka Bar at one of our great retail partners, Natural Grocers.

Storytelling travelers include Tanka on their journey

By Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing

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We love hearing from fans from all over the nation.

One fan in particular, Chelsea Batten, is traveling and storytelling with fellow explorers as part of an artistic endeavor called The Connoisseurs.

As their site states, "The Connoisseurs is a cross-country scavenger hunt in search of the extraordinary stories that hide in everyday life."

Chelsea recently posted a few photos on The Connoisseurs Twitter showing how Tanka was fueling her journey. She wrote to us saying that it feels like a "little piece of home" when she finds one.

"I'm not from South Dakota but I'm from another SD: San Diego. They remind me of home because that's what my mom keeps around as a snack all the time," she said in an email. "It's comforting the way other people find, I don't know, Twinkies? Macaroni and cheese? Anyway, some other kind of homemade comfort food!"

Chelsea even posted a wonderful writeup about us on The Connoisseurs website which you can read here: A Valentine to: Tanka Bars.

Thanks so much, Chelsea! Please come see us some day.

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