Cate Ritter's recent workshop 7 Secrets To Supercharge Your Health
featured Tanka products.

California nutritionist shares her support of Tanka
during traveling health workshops

By Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing

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Our friend Cate Ritter has been an advocate of our company and products for a while now. She is a nutritionist, kitchen coach, self-proclaimed passionate foodie and golf nut. Her business Cate's Nutrition Kitchen has lifestyle-based coaching programs "focused on energizing your body with nourishing, natural foods."

She has been hosting a round workshops where she features foods she approves of, including Tanka products, and shows people how to improve their health. She recently completed a workshop called "7 Secrets To Supercharge Your Health" at Om Studio Yoga & Boutique for Inspired Living in Carmel, CA, where she also featured Tanka goodies along with other healthy foods.

Thanks so much, Cate, for your continued work and support!