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Hualapai Tribal Chairman speaks to youth about making
the right choices in life

By Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing and communications

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We get weekly motivational posts from our friend Waylon Pahona, a trainer and founder of the Facebook group Healthy Active Natives. Here is this week's!

Dr. Damon R. Clarke, Hualapai Tribal Chairman, came to speak to the youth about a letter he received from a prison. It was a letter from a former student that Dr. Clark had taught years ago when he was a teacher. Dr. Clark had made an impact on him when he was just a little boy and he wanted to thank him and congratulate him for becoming the Haulapai Chairman.

The letter was four pages long and he talked about the decisions and the wrong choices he had made in life to end up in prison. Dr. Clark read this letter with much emotion informing the teens about the choices they make in life and how it could impact their lives. It was a very powerful letter and it also showed how compassionate the Tribal Chairman is for his people.

Pictured is Dr. Clark holding a Tanka Bar and the young teens also taking a picture with Tanka Bar.

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