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Healthy Active Natives: Believe in yourself

By Jenice Johnson Williams, assistant director of marketing

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We get weekly motivational posts from our friend Waylon Pahona, a trainer and founder of the Facebook group Healthy Active Natives. Here is this week's!

In order for you to want to do something great it takes brain power. You have to get your mind to a place where you know you can make things happen. You have to believe and visually see yourself reaching that goal. For instance, take Kaiyou -- he is pictured in the rocks with Tanka Bar. He lives at sea level. He's only 11 years old and he climbed a mountain that was 2.5 miles up and reached 9,000 elevation.

Before he started the climb he was already having problems with the elevation and he was complaining about being tired. I stopped him and said that every 15 mins we are going to stop but each time we stopped I would give him a phrase to say over and over in his head until we stopped again. The first phrase was 'I'm going to make it up this mountain.' After every 15 mins, I would have something for him to say to himself and from that moment on he hiked the mountain for a total of 5 miles and going from 0 elevation to 9,000!

He forgot all about being tired and saying it was too high and so he changed he mind frame to get the job done and that is what it takes to get yourself moving. Start believing in yourself rather than doubting yourself!

Have a great day!

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