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"The Coscto Connection" magazine tells
Tanka's story in September issue

By Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing

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We told you once before that we were going to be featured in the September issue of The Costco Connection. The article is out now and you can read it here: Solving for Change

The Costco Connection is distributed to more than 8 million people every month. A big "thank you" to Coscto and special thanks to reporter, Hana Medina.

Below is a beautiful video that tells our story as it stands today. Thank you to actor and comedian Tatanka Means for narrating and musician Frank Waln for the score.

Click image to view.

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Guest/wt on Sat Oct 18, 2014 2:1:45
I'm over 50, Dr. says: have to change lifestyle to a less stressful one & to eat more natural things like lean meats, fruits & vegetables. So I'm definitely giving this a try. Found the Sept. article in a Dr's office-good reading. Will comment more after I try them. You guys are doing a great job to benefit everyone, keep it up. Good luck always.