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"These things are wonderful!"

By the Tanka Team

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Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for April

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09.01.16 website By Karen from Leavenworth

Very good website - interesting information, well-written articles and easy to order.
Best of luck with your company!

09.07.16 Tanka Bar By Susan from Lake Mills

Love, love, love your products. I live rural and the local stores won't carry your products. When I can get into Madison where a store has your product, they limit the number of items a shopper can buy.

Buying online makes perfect sense for me. I can maintain my special diet and stay healthy without wasting gas.

09.09.16 Tanka Bars ROCK! By Guest from Madison

We have been eating Tanka Bars for several years now, and they are SO DELICIOUS!

09.13.16 Buy Indigenous! Buy Tanka! By Erica from Myrtle Beach

I originally read about Tanka Bars and the Native American Natural Foods on Facebook. I thought it was a fantastic company and vision, it doesn't hurt that I'm a huge jerky fan! I ordered some tankafund bars on Amazon the next time I made a purchase and both I and my fiance are hooked! I came to the site and found some t-shirts available to order. I can't wait to receive them.

09.13.16 Tanka bars are the real deal By Danielle from Brighton

For people interested in where their food comes from, who want to eat a healthier diet for themselves and the planet, this is the real deal. Tanka is creating jobs within the impoverished reservation communities and economic incentive for restoring the Buffalo and a grazing way of life that sequester carbon on the great Plains. In so many ways we need this. Don't settle for anything less than full accountability, a fully regenerative way of being. Thank you.

09.14.16 great bars - the apple orange peel flavor By Mike from Austin

I've been buying these on-line for maybe a year or more now. The apple orange peel bar is the best! I think it's the most tender and flavorful of the bars. The on-line 48 pack is the best value too! As a somewhat light eater, it's almost my primary meat now. I have it straight. Or like this - slice of toasted 100% whole wheat bread (Dave's Killer bread), cover in mustard, maybe sprinkle a capsule of cayanne or horsetail on it, put the bar on it, maybe add on some mild jalapenos slices (La Perferrea Mild), and fold the slice over sort of like hotdog style! Or instead of all that, pasta sauce on the slice (Mur Glenn Garden Veg) and place the bar on it and fold over - surprisingly good that way too!

09.18.16 You go, brothers & sisters! By Dirk from Laguna Niguel

Found out about you online & looking forward to trying Tanka & to supporting your continuing success going forward!

09.20.16 Grest healthy protein By Matt L.

Great and healthy protein - daughter loves them before swimming or soccer, Wish we found them years ago....

09.22.16 Sticks By M V from Houston

These things are wonderful! They are good food, and taste like good food, not salt or additives. Very convenient to keep in your desk drawer at work if you want to avoid the vending machines.

09.31.16 Tanka bars. By David from Buffalo

I love the flavor and the courteous service.

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