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Demo company Busy Bee surprises Tanka team with gift

By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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A very unexpected delivery arrived the other day and it was addressed to me.

I don't really receive packages -- maybe a return or something that I know is coming in the mail. Busy Bee, our wonderful demo company, sent me a gift and it was pretty awesome! The ear warmers came in handy this morning as the temperature has been getting chilly again. The whole office enjoyed the cookies. I am sure we can find a use for the carport charger, the bottle openers and Junior already laid claim to the anti-microbial screen cleaner.

I am so used to getting our products out to our customers and retailers that I almost forgot what it was like to be on the receiving end. Special thanks to Busy Bee -- it was a great summer and thanks for your services.

Have a great New Year. We here at the Tanka Bar wish you and yours the best year ever.

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