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New Year of Tanka success and partnership depicted in sand art

By the Tanka Team

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Doug Bystry, CEO at Clearinghouse CDFI, sent us the above photo depicting our new Native American Natural Foods logo completely crafted in sand.

Clearinghouse CDFI is one of our great Tanka partners. Mr. Bystry commissioned this piece from Navajo sand artist Shawn Nelson, also known as Turquoise Man. The piece is made of sand from our Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the Black Hills that our inside sales manager Eugene Stover sent him. It also uses sand from Window Rock, AZ, and California near the Clearinghouse office. The picture is 3' x 3.5' and represents good luck.

Please read an excerpt from the wonderful letter we received from Mr. Bystry.

"The sand art contains traditional good luck symbols and has been blessed; which should bring continued good luck and success to both of our companies. Both of our corporate logos are in each piece and other special symbols and designs were incorporated into the work. The two figures represent traditional Navajo male and female spirits bringing blessings and protection.

I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed having it done. I value our personal and professional relationship and look forward to hearing more good news as you continue growing Native American Natural Foods."

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