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Hanging with our brokers and planning world domination

By Jason Stover, story and photos

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Just wanted to tell you about our new brokers who are opening up doors for us in the food industry. Chris Mathewson and Dave Colemere dropped by Tanka HQ this week to meet our team and work on the Tanka 2010 sales strategy.

To get a feel for how massive their company is, Acosta has more than 11,000 sales representatives and represents more than 1,000 consumer packaged goods companies throughout North America. It is a multi-billion dollar corporation and is the largest food broker in the country.

Now, playing with the big boys, you might think we could get lost in the crowd, but we are being taken care of by Acosta's natural division that goes by the name Natural Specialty Sales.

When Mark K., our assistant director of marketing, was in New York during the Summer Fancy Food Show, he would often get asked who our broker was. Before we had a broker, it was hard to tell who the real movers and shakers were and who were the charlatans trying to get between us and our customers. When we say we're represented by NSS and Acosta, they no longer really ask. You may have never heard of these guys, but in our foodie world, they are giants.

Chris and Dave stopped in to do a presentation on the natural foods industry and to cover the many marketing strategies that are going to bring us to the next level. At first, we started with the introduction of the staff. Everyone here teamed together and let them know what we do and what part we play for the Tanka brand.

Chris, who is vice president of business development, presented a slideshow that went over who ACOSTA/NSS is and the markets they represent. He had a lot of interesting information that he shared with the Tanka team regarding the state of the natural foods industry today and the future of buffalo products. Dave, vice president of marketing services, reviewed our progress to date and also showed us how to strengthen our market. They wrapped up the presentation and continued to go over the technical parts in other meetings.

What I found so fascinating and had never really occurred to me before is that we are going to market to our distributers AND to our brokers. We have these massive teams that we need to fire up and inspire just like our own more modest-sized sales and marketing staff. This was a tremendous and simple event that helped to expand our knowledge of the food industry and our place in it.

To learn more about ACOSTA and Natural Specialty Sales: ACOSTA

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