German visitors return to Tanka HQ

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German visitors return to Tanka HQ
By Jason Stover, story, and Mark K. Tilsen, photos

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Dr. Dirk Rohrbach, who hosts a show on the Beryern 3 Radio Network in Germany, brought a group of friends and family by the Tanka HQ this week for a visit. Dr. Rohrback, who takes photos as a hobby, was on Pine Ridge Reservation earlier this summer to interview Karlene Hunter, CEO of Native American Natural Foods for his radio show. According to Dr. Rohrback, his love for Native culture and the people keeps him coming back.

During this trip, Dr. Rohrback and his crew came to help out at Loneman School in Oglala, S.D. He and his group stayed with Leonard Little Fingers. Unfortunately, winds during the night ripped the tipi they were staying in so the group was planning to set up tents instead.

The visitors ordered Tanka Dogs for lunch at the e-Tanka Cafe and waited for a presentation from Ms. Hunter and Mark K. Tilsen, our Assistant Director of Marketing. Dr. Rohrback translated the presentation into German for the group.

After their meal and the presentation, Ms. Hunter gave them a tour of our facility, introduced them to the Tanka staff, and explained how the business runs.

Finally, we all posed for a group photo in front of the building.

To see the photos from Dr. Rohrbach's last trip: European journalist's photo journey

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