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Tanka Bar at the Team Huntress weekend
By Jason Stover, story

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Thanks to our Twitter friends, @TeamHuntress (Jane Keller) and @PheasantPhun (Dave Olsen) for sending this photo composition to celebrate Tanka Bar's support of the latest Team Huntress Outdoor Adventure Clinic in June.

Team Huntress describes itself as a retreat geared toward boosting the self-esteem of women, with all the luxuries the great outdoors have to offer. Founded by Jane Keller, they provide a safe and secure habitat in which outdoor workshops and indoor spa treatments are provided.

The weekends, held in Hitchcock, S.D., this year, offer gun safety, archery, hunting skills and classes that empower women and boost confidence.

Tanka Bars and special discount Tanka coupons, like mints at a hotel, were left as a surprise on the partipants' pillows after a long day of adventures.

Thanks for sharing the photo!

For more on Team Huntress: Team Huntress

To follow them on Twitter: @TeamHuntress and @PheasantPhun

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