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Rare depiction of Crazy Horse created by student attending Crazy Horse K-12 School

By Mark K. Tilsen

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It is not often that a student creates such a non-traditional characterization of one of the Oglala Lakota's most cherished leaders. Crazy Horse is one of the most respected of all Lakota historical figures, so it's pretty cute seeing someone poke fun at him. This was drawn by a student attending Crazy Horse School K-12 in Wanblee, S.D., which is located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

For more information about the REAL Crazy Horse visit:

For the firsthand account of his life, please read the remarkable book:
To Kill an Eagle

To learn more about the school named in his honor, visit: Crazy Horse School

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PLATEMATE on Wed Sep 2, 2009 14:51:47
Very cute.