Our reservation through a Twitter friend's lens

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Our reservation through a Twitter friend's lens
By Karla Pankow, photos

Posted Aug. 12, 2009

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Karla Pankow, one of our Twitter friends (@HopeHeals), was part of a trip a couple of weeks ago to Pine Ridge, Tanka's home reservation. Karla made the trip with Re-Member, a non-profit organization that pairs volunteers with projects in the various communities on the reservation.

During her visit, Karla posted photos of the people she met and the places she saw. She has been kind enough to let us share them with you.

Thanks, Karla!

To follow Karla on Twitter: @HopeHeals

For more information about Karla's trip: HopeHeals.org

For more information about Re-Member: Re-Member.org

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Robin Carneen Host & Producer: NAMAPAHH First People's Radio on Wed Aug 12, 2009 11:37:3
Beautiful land, wonderful outreach to help this reservation out....we need our govt. to support ALL EFFORTS like this....send your slide show to the White House & add a slide with your contact info & ways others can help...this is awesome...the poverty level there is beyond being ignored by our govt. anymore....this is insane that our people have lost everything to have to still be living under these conditions...it is a crime- really! Bless you all for helping out! contact me please at robin.carneen@gmail.com Winter is around the corner & there is alot more work we can do together! Peace & may Creator watch over you every step on the Red Road...