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One fiber away from disaster

By Eric Pourier, photos, and Linda Crider, story

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So our phones went down at Tanka HQ last Thursday, July 23, putting our toll-free line and our sales team out of commission (at least on the phone).

On Friday, still no phones and no one at any of the utility companies could explain the outage. So, the team spent a lot of time sending emails and on Twitter -- not to mention running the vacuum cleaner.

On Monday, someone doing some digging nearby with a very big backhoe realized they had cut through a MAJOR bundle of fiber. Voila! Mystery solved!

We sent Eric Pourier down with his trusty camera to take a shot of the very tiny excavator they sent to cover up the hole after a 3-man crew repaired the break.

Whew! Disaster averted, but it's scary how dependent we've all become on our world's wiring.

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