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I gave a Tanka Bar to Steve Forbes today
By Johanna Schwartz via Facebook

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I gave a Tanka Bar to Steve Forbes today. I didn't want to ask for a pic - I was too shy. But we have just interviewed him as a companion piece for these films, so we got him to comment on Native American Natural Foods a bit. I asked him about the whole social responsibility thing and he had some interesting things to say. And then we talked about how twitter etc is helping businesses, - and your whole new take on marketing etc... It will be up on the Forbes website alongside the documentaries you guys are in! End Sept/Beg Oct. Cool huh!

p.s. he didn't eat it as we were filming, but its in his pocket right now!

Editor's note: Johanna is the director of the upcoming documentary featuring Native American Natural Foods. For more about the documentary: Tanka Team turns the tables on film crew from London!

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