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FAQ: Nutritional and Product-Specific Questions

By Linda Crider

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How healthy is Buffalo?

Buffalo has less fat, calories and cholesterol per ounce than even skinless chicken. To see how buffalo compares with other meats: USDA nutritional comparisons

Are Tanka products gluten free?

Yes, our products our products are tested by a third party accredited laboratory and test below the minimum detectible quantity of 10 parts per million. One part per million is equal to one milligram of gluten per kilogram of sample product. Read our full nutritionals and our health and allergen statements HERE.

Are Tanka buffalo grass-fed?

Our goal is to buy 100% Native American grass-fed buffalo raised following the wild model. For a full explanation of where we are in the pursuit of our goal: Are Tanka buffalo grass-fed?

How are Tanka buffalo processed?

All Buffalo used by Native American Natural Foods are processed under USDA inspection using the Humane Handling Guidelines of the American Meat Institute and are verified by a third-party audit by FSNS (Food Safety Net Services), of which our processor has scored 100% in every audit.

Where does the lactic acid in Tanka products derive?

The lactic acid used in Tanka products come from celery juice powder and is not related to dairy or milk products.

What kind of sugar is in Tanka cranberries?

The sugar used in Tanka cranberries is made from non-GMO sugar cane.

What is the 'Spice' that's listed on the Tanka Bar labels?

The "spice" mentioned on the label is a tiny amount of a blend of coriander, clove and nutmeg.

Is there mustard or mustard seed in any Tanka products?

There is no mustard or mustard seed in Tanka Bars, Tanka Bites or Tanka Sticks.

What is Natural Smoke Flavor?

Natural Smoke Flavor is literally the essence of the slow smoldering hickory smoke that has been captured in a container as a liquid, or onto a dry carrier such as maltodextrin.

How does your Expiration Date or Sell By Code work?

The 8 digit code that appears on our packaging is our Sell By recommendation date. The first two digits are the month; the second two digits are the day; and the final digits are the year. Our products have been tested to maintain at least a shelf life of 18 months in their current packaging.

Are there nightshades in Tanka products?

Our Slow Smoked Original Tanka Sticks contain an ingredient that might be considered a nightshade vegetable, ground red pepper. However, each Tanka Stick would contain .0569 or less than 1 percent of this ingredient. Our Tanka Bar Slow Smoked Original contains .021 or less than 1/4 of 1 percent of ground red pepper. Also, our Tanka Bar Spicy Pepper and our Tanka Spicy Hot products contain jalapeno and habanero.

What is 'fatting out'?

Because our product is 100% natural and we use a natural starter culture to inhibit the growth of pathogens in our product, we do not have a large amount of potassium or other minerals that help hold in the fat. The little white specs that may sometimes show up on your bar are a small amount of the fat coming to the surface. Do not be alarmed, it is 100% edible and natural in spite of its puzzling appearance. This is not mold.

For more questions about Tanka products or Native American Natural Foods, please go to our general FAQ.