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The Adventures of Kitchen Girl: Tanka Bar Review

By Kitchen Girl Jo

Reviewed April 14, 2009

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The popular food blogger known as Kitchen Girl Jo discovered Tanka Bars on Twitter. She decided to review our buffalo and cranberry bars on her blog, The Adventures of Kitchen Girl Jo.

Here are some excerpts from her review:

"I received a box of 12 of these bars to try one day last week and within the day... they were GONE! My honey and I loved them. My 3 kids absolutely RAVED over them! I shared them with several family members and every single person enjoyed them. They have a delightful smoky-sweet flavor. A satisfying chew.

"Don't confuse these bars with jerky. They're really nothing like that. These are moist and plump and we thought they were far more delicious than any of the jerky type products we'd ever had. Tanka bars are really in class of their own. They would be great for a quick and tasty pick-me-up after a workout, a wonderful healthy snack for kids on the go.

"They don't need refrigeration so they would be a perfect camping or hiking food. And at only 70 calories per bar, they make a awesome food for even the most calorie conscious person."

To see the full review: The Adventures of Kitchen Girl Jo

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