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Tanka President Mark Tilsen with shipping specialist Kelly Hunter and Rachel Hunter, fulfillment manager.
Courtesy of Tribeca Digital Studios.

Tribeca Film interviews Tanka president
following documentary release "Buffalo Returns"

By the Tanka Team

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Buffalo Returns, produced by Tribeca and American Express, is a short documentary featuring Tanka. Tribeca recently interviewed Tanka president Mark Tilsen as a followup to the film's release. Many things have changed since the film was shot but the heart of the story remains.

"I think, for the brand, we're three-times bigger now than when [the film] was shot. Most of that shooting happened in the summer of [2013]. And it says in the film that we're a $2 million company. We're a little more than a $5 million company now. I can't tell immediately what the impact of the film is. I can only go off of what people who have contacted me, who've seen it, and lots of friends of mine who I've been out of touch with for 20 years or whatever have contacted me because they somehow ran across the film. I think it's a really credible way of sharing our story cause it's an independent group looking at what we're doing. I think that credibility does help a lot." ~ Mark Tilsen


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