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Mark Tilsen back in the day while working at KILI Radio.

Happy birthday, KILI Radio!
By Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing

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Thirty years ago today (Feb. 25), our president Mark Tilsen helped start the first radio station on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation -- the home of our headquarters.

KILI Radio, 90.1 FM, is the Voice of the Lakota Nation. Located on Porcupine Butte, KILI not only plays traditional and modern music, but provides news on the reservation, story-telling and up-to-the-minute updates about weather conditions. KILI is the largest indigenous community-owned radio station in North America.

Below is a message from Mark Tilsen

From just an idea, you came to serve the people. Happy birthday, KILI Radio! Congratulations. I am so proud of KILI and would like to thank all the staff and volunteers who work so hard to keep KILI on each day.

I remember this day 30 years ago when Calvin Two Lance first spoke over the air in Lakota after a short prayer. People began to call in from across the reservations saying they could hear him. They were all so happy to have their own radio station; it was exciting. Now 30 years later you all are still making people happy 18 hours a day with 100,000 watts. Thank you all for keeping the Voice of the Lakota Nation on the air for 30 years.

You are proof each day that a good idea with dedication and action can do most anything.

Enjoy this day -- you earned it.

Mark A Tilsen
Native American Natural Foods LLC

Read more about KILI Radio's beginnings here: A tribute to Percy E. Sutton:
Leader helped bring KILI Radio to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

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