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Above is a local example of a Harlem Shake (Lakota) style posted by KILI Radio from Arlo Iron Cloud.

Share your best Harlem Shake for a chance to win Tanka prizes

By Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing

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The recent Harlem Shake craze has inspired us to create a brand new contest for you guys! How about you send us a video of your best (Tanka) Harlem Shake. If you aren't sure what this new trend is, check out the video above but there are literally thousands you can watch on YouTube from all over the world to get some inspiration.

The set up is simple:

1.) Grab a bunch of your friends.

2.) Stand around completely unaffected by what's around you while the song "Harlem Shake" by Baauer is playing.

3.) When the lyrics "now do the Harlem Shake" come on, cut to you and your friends doing a number of hilarious things that involve your own version of the dance while wearing a costume/funny hat.

You can make it as crazy as you'd like (just no nudity!) as long as there is a reference to the Tanka Bar or buffalo in there somewhere. This could be anything from pretending you are the Tanka runner to actually eating the product while you "shake."

Send your submissions to or post to our Facebook page. You have until the end of the day of March 8. Videos should be no longer than a minute. Winner receives a Tanka T-shirt and a variety pack of our products but we may feature any or all of the videos we receive on our website. Good luck!

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