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From left are Randi Hunter, Nicole Pourier, Kelly Hunter, Tonya Hunter and Rachel Hunter.

Tanka team gets fit with Zumba at the office

By Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing

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To start the new year off to a fit start, the ladies of the Tanka Bar office have started doing Zumba after work.

Friends and family have even joined in and the group has just begun the beginner's DVDs which are projected onto the wall of our warehouse. I will admit I wasn't expecting it to be difficult, but some of those moves really require some fancy footwork! Even though we all try to get the moves down, there is always plenty of room for us to laugh at ourselves while doing so and it helps keep it fun.

Tonya Hunter, our production manager, demonstrates below the general feeling we all get after our workout.

Every one of us have a goal we are looking to reach and working out in a group has made it an entertaining way to attain them.

"I really hope to stick with it," Kelly Hunter, shipping specialist, said. "It's fun to work out as a group and it doesn't feel like a grueling workout because we make fun of each other."

The ladies fully intend to keep up this routine every week. We'll keep you posted on everyone's progress!

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