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'I immediately fell in love' with Tanka

By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for December

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12.01.12 No Subject By Curtis from Dolores

Found the bites in Custer, SD at the gas station. Good food, meaty, spicy, salty, savory, great for going on a walk about. Good people make good food. Yum!

12.04.12 AMAZING! By Fiona from Boulder

I'm very picky about only eating food that will nourish my body the way nature intended. I was looking for a good snack that was high in protein and stumbled across Tanka bites at the Boulder, CO REI. I immediately fell in love with them! Both the spicy and regular are absolutely delicious! You have to try them.

12.08.12 Tanka Bars By Bruce from Idaho Falls

Attention Snowmobilers: These bars rock and are great energy food to take along when heading to the steep and deep!!!

12.09.12 Wonderful Snacks By Jacalyn from Lexington Park

We love Tanka Bites and regularly take them on trips for a healthy, nutritious and easily carried snack. Since they don't serve meals on the airplanes any more, keeping some of these around the house has become particularly important to us. Thanks!

12.10.12 Tanka! By Lisa from Portland

My family LOVES Tanka Bars! It's a Christmas tradition. Santa puts a tanka treat in everybody's stocking!!!

12.11.12 Gift Basket By Cynthia from Pocatello

I ordered the Tanka Wicasa basket for my husband... I wanted to add the spirit buffalo to the herd running along the wall in our living room. We picked up some of Two Bull's Pte in Rosebud last summer. :)

We really like Tanka Bars and are waiting for an outlet store to open in Fort Hall. ;)

12.12.12 Tanka bars By Paulfath from verona

Real good, real food, from real people, for real people. I am back for more!

12.13.12 Real Food, Real People, Real Pride By Alice from Albuquerque

I heard of Tanka Bar from a friend and when I discovered this was "Native" grown, Lakota for that matter, I was so proud of you all. I am so glad this product exists. It gives us all hope that we can start reversing the ill-effects of Western culture (diet) and start going back to the basics, when we were much healthier without processed/commodity foods. I am so proud of this product and want to tell you all, "GOOD JOB!" You help contribute to the bright future that lay ahead for all our people. Aho!

12.29.12 gift By Pah-tu from Seattle

I had a little hard time with the address. I had to change my address in the profile in order to ship it as a gift. This is a splurge for me, but I know its a win win. Thanks for everything.
Much love from the West Coast.

12.30.12 Finest fast food from First Nations. By Louisa Peat from Silver Spring

This is the fast food for me! Real Buffalo meat plus cranberry -- great taste and fast energy for all that I do.

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