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'A great alternative to regular-old-too-salty beef jerky'
By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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The following list is Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for November.

11.02.12 Best bar! By Kathryn from Forest Park

The best bar for when you want a nice kick of protein. I keep one in my bag at all times!

11.05.12 Review By Dr. Russ from Duncan Falls

Your Tanka Bars and sticks are delicious! Thank you for such a high-quality product.

11.07.12 Summer Sausage Snack By James from Enfield

Best snack ever: Tanka summer sausage slices with cheese and crackers!

11.10.12 Tanka Bar - Paleo Pak By Shanan from Colorado Springs

I got one of your Tanka bars in my Paleo Pak, it was delicious! I just ordered more and a gift basket for a friend. I can't wait to try the spicy.

Looking forward to your transition to 100% grass fed buffalo.

11.10.12 Case Study By Nakomis from Hummelstown

I'm very excited to try your product. I just finished doing a case study about Whole Foods Market for my Corporate Strategy class and was thrilled to read in your highlighted article that they have approved your product for retail in their stores.

I look forward to hearing about exciting and innovative products and ideas coming from your company.


This is Wuneeshkeety, (Good Medicine)


11.13.12 Happy to have this option By Emily from Seattle

I first tried a Tanka bar after scouring the "protein bar" section of my local health food store. I was trying to up my protein intake and decrease sugars...which is basically impossible when every protein bar is "chocolate-chocolate sugar-frosted coconut peanut butter". Tanka bars are delicious, filling and low-calorie. Plus, they're clean food from start to finish.

11.26.12 Free Shipping! By Brittany from Ankeny

I am totally open to trying Tanka products for the mere fact that there's free shipping! These will be excellent stocking stuffers!

11.26.12 Awesome Tasty Nutrition By Stan from Glenn Dale

Love the ease of use of your site, and the traditional bars are fabulous. Please keep them coming!



11.27.12 Delicious! By Serena from Omaha

A great alternative to regular-old-too-salty beef jerky! My husband and I tried Tanka bars on our visit to South Dakota a few summers ago. We wish we could find these in Nebraska. On a side note, our American Staffordshire Terrier is named Tatanka!

11.30.12 No Subject By Rebecca from Corpus Christi

We love these bars! They were specifically requested by our college student for finals week. I say enough how great they are!

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