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Video shot by Mark Tilsen. Edited by Jenice Johnson

Tanka buffalo meets Turkey Day in Minneapolis

By Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing

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Turkey Day was all about Tanka last week in Minneapolis, MN.

Our president Mark Tilsen and his son Mark Kenneth Tilsen set out Tanka Bar and Tanka Wild Sticks samples in the REI booth at Lifetime Fitness' Turkey Day 5K! 2012.

The team captured several first-time Tanka tastings which you can see in the YouTube video above. MK took time out to talk about his experience at the event below.


The day was unusually warm and the snow and ice wouldn't start coming down till near sunset. The REI staff was grateful for our presence and you could tell they were fired up to be there.

With over 15,000 bodies downtown, people blocked the wind and became this living biomass of body heat and breath. The run trickled to a start and we waited till the first of the runners came charging back in, a set of four lean young men who only slowed down long enough to pick up free stuff from the REI booth, Tanka samples, keychains and energy snacks before charging off to either run around the block or turn the 5k into a 10, I couldn't tell.

I had about three seconds to explain what the product was before any potential samplers drifted off.


The diffilculty of having two products in four flavors quickly became evident as the crush of the returning runners turned people into all hands and mouths. If there was packaged product on the table, people would grab handfuls without knowing what it was. There was a repeated moment where someone would begin eating a Tanka Bar and their eyebrows would lift in surprise. I liked that.

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