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Nunpa Theater opens on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
Photo by Kelly Hunter

New movie theater in Kyle, SD, gives Hollywood a permanent
home on the reservation

By Jenice Johnson, manager of marketing and communications

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The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation opened its first movie theater last Friday.

Nunpa Theater (Nunpa means two in the Lakota language) has been a long-time dream in the making. Angel Reddest opened the theater with her mom, Monna Patton, with a loan from the South Dakota Office of Economic Development. According to the Rapid City Journal, it took three years of planning and construction to finally open it in Kyle, SD -- the town our office is located. The theater has two screens and gives members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe a local source of entertainment without having to drive an hour and a half to Rapid City.

Kelly Hunter, our shipping specialist, visited the theater where she saw the movie Pitch Perfect with her family. She said she was pleased with the construction.

"It's really nice -- they did an awesome job. The picture quality and sound was as nice as a city theater," she said. "The prices were great, too -- $6.75 for a ticket and only $2 for popcorn."

Kelly also said she was happy to know that the movies would change every week. And there will be plenty of space for the residents to see them. One of the screening rooms at Nunpa fits 207 people and the other seats 165.

The Rapid City Journal reported that besides entertainment, the theater provides job opportunity -- something that is truly needed on the reservation. Nunpa will employ six or seven people.

"I'm definitely looking forward to it," Kelly said. "It's something else to do and I'm glad everything worked out."

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