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Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for September
By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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09.04.12 Tanka Very Much By Michael from West Palm Beach

I tried three different companies to find Paleo-acceptable snacks. Tanka is the only one I am reordering from!!!!

09.05.12 We love Tanka bars. By Donna from Deadwood

I've bought them retail for years, but you offer a great price online. With a good supply on hand, I won't be without a healthy snack for a long drive or a hike.

09.06.12 Tankas The Best! By James from Enfield

This Is My Second Order. Once You Try A Tanka Bar You Will Never Look At Beef jerky Again. For A Real Treat Try Tanka With Cheese And Crackers. Tanka Has Superb Customer Service As Well. Pilmaya Tanka!

09.08.12 TANKA dogs By Nye R from Fremont

Loved the TANKA dogs!! We grilled them and they were fabulous - just ordered more!! We will always eat these for our hot dogs from now on - so much healthier for you and what a great flavor - even if you are not sure you like buffalo - there is no wild taste to these at all!!!! Just pure meat goodness and HEALTHY!!!

09.08.12 I like this By Guest James from Kane

I like this. For the many who have never even ate Buffalo You don,t know what your missing. It is healther than any other meat you can eat. Can,t wait to try all of the products they have.

09.29.12 Tanka Bars - Spicy Pepper Blend By Sandy from North Bend

I just ordered 48 more in the Eco-packaging! I have tried both the traditional and the spicy pepper, and I prefer the slight "kick" of the spice. The bars are easy to pack and are the perfect quick protein snack for those busy days when I would have had no lunch otherwise. I always keep 1 or 2 in my briefcase.

09.30.12 Highly recommend By Sara from Aumsville

The Tanka bars and Tanka dogs are healthful and delicious. The service at Tanka online is perfect. You won't go wrong buying these products!

09.30.12 We LOVE Tanka bars By Terry from Glen Allen

We found them originally at REI and have been ordering them directly from Tanka by the box since!

09.30.12 No Subject By Jill from Enid

LOVE Tanka products! Because of my job, I spend a great deal of time on the road, and the Tanka bars a a wonderful super quick, healthy snack to go!

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