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St. Augustine history buff and friend stops by headquarters

By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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A few years back, Casey Leydon worked to add Tanka Bar to this cartoon picture map of St. Augustine, FL. That area of Florida is considered Timucua Territory by some of the locals. Being one of the last of the Timucua people, Casey is trying to find out more about his people and Native traditions and the culture of his people.

He also wants to bring awareness to the history of St. Augustine. He knows a lot of information about the Timucua tribe, which was nearly wiped out at the turn of the 19th century. The Timucua are not currently a federally recognized tribe.

Casey brought gifts with him -- some real Florida oranges, but they didn't make the trip. They got lost in the luggage at the airport. I bet they tasted wonderful! He also brought some shirts he had made up. They had a tie dye design, to symbolize the rainbow warriors, and the coming of the seventh generation. He also explained a little about his tribal symbol "H" which represents hope and healing. It is shaped like a bridge to represent providing passage from land to land.

The excitement from his arrival here in South Dakota kept him up for his drive from Sioux Falls. He felt the need to pull off and rest. Casey was amazed when he woke the next morning to the moon setting and the sun rising. He is looking forward to camping in the Black Hills and to having a few more days like the first day when he arrived.

From all of us here at the Tanka Bar, we hope you have a wonderful and great journey here in our part of the country, Casey, and thanks for stopping by.

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