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Miss New York/USA hopeful:
'Tanka Bars have been a life saver'

By Kieran Sequoia, Miss Liberty for Miss NY 2013

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NOTE: Kieran Sequoia is an official contestant for Miss NY/USA 2013 and of Cheyenne Indian decent.

My name is Kieran Sequoia and I am currently competing for the title of Miss NY/USA.

I have been in the entertainment industry (film/TV/radio/stage) since I was a child and, although I have never previously competed in a beauty pageant, I feel that I have a background that provides a strong foundation for competition and gives me a leg-up in public speaking and community organization. As a high school student, I spent time in NYC at the United Nations as part of the General Assembly's Youth Council and have since served as a spokesperson for many organizations and businesses.

Photo by Tyler Mitchell

Once I was selected to compete as an official Miss NY/USA contestant, the Miss USA organization asks each of its contestants to pick a title related to the area she is representing. I started thinking, "What does New York City mean to me? What does New York City mean to the world? Most importantly, when I stand up in front of all the people who have supported me and in front of the American public, what do I stand for? What does Miss USA represent?"

To me, Miss USA should ideally represent everything that Lady Liberty represents: opportunity, freedom, strength, steadfastness, inspiration, friendship, support, loyalty and solidarity. That is when I decided the title I would wear. It would be Miss Liberty. As a contestant for Miss NY/USA I feel strongly that I am a true American contestant as I am both Native American (Cheyenne) and multi-ethnic (Latin, French and Deutsche (German) ).

Fueling up to compete

Since I began training for the competition, my diet has changed significantly. As a competitor in this pageant, it is essential to build a body that looks great in a bikini, but it is more important to me to have built that body through hard work and physical conditioning. Before I began training, I was primarily vegetarian and only ever ate red meat when my Mom made buffalo burgers.

In preparation for the pageant, I now train five times or more per week (running/weight and endurance training) and have started to actually crave red meat. I have learned that meat protein is something vital to me now. Buffalo being the only red meat I eat, and as someone with such a busy schedule, it is important to stick to my diet, make sure I am properly nourished and feel good about what I am eating!

Tanka Bars have been a LIFE SAVER. I am dedicated to eating organic and locally whenever possible, and most other protein bars on the market are full of sugars, full of chemicals and really slow me down. It is wonderful to know that what I am eating is straight from the earth! Good quality ingredients, great nutrition, easy to eat and supportive of a local company run by real people. I truly couldn't have asked for more! As I began to think of companies I would like to contact for support or endorsement, Tanka Bar was a no-brainer!

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