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Tanka Bar CEO Karlene Hunter, center, with the
Travel Beyond Charity Tour at the home office.

A little bit of Germany comes to Tanka headquarters

By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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Travel Beyond Charity Tour stopped by our headquarters in Kyle, SD, this week.

Dr. Dirk Rohrbach leads the group and this is his third visit. It is always pleasant to see him and meet his new group. His tour is different from the regular tours I give because they traveled from Germany and one from Switzerland. He had to translate everything I said in German.

A couple of his guests work for a (German) women's magazine called Brigitte. The writer of the magazine, Nikola Haaks (pictured on the left in the secondary photo) and photographer, Djamila Grossman, on the right, interviewed our Tanka Bar CEO, Karlene Hunter.

I hope the Travel Beyond Charity Tour had an enjoyable time here seeing the sites of the Badlands and trying the wonderful-tasting Tanka Bars. We all hope you have a safe journey home.

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