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Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for July
By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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07.02.12 Shipping By Pah-tu from Seattle

Wish shipping over a hundred were free. This is going to a traditional canoe pull. Thanks for the good food. Have not tried the summer sausage yet, but look forward to it.

07.02.12 By Cynthia from Hedgesville

Tried a selection of Tanka products -- loved them all & we're back for more!

07.06.12 Diabetic by Dennis E from Solon Springs

Just one bite a day keeps the doctor away

07.10.12 Tanka products By Linda from Penobscot

I cannot imagine being without a Tanka bar or bites when we are out camping and hiking -- perfect protein and so yummy. I love how healthy they are.

07.16.12 By cheri from Rockport

Love this product!!! Amazing taste and my 6 year old loves it too!

07.16.12 Great Snack! By Janet from Box Elder

Tanka Bars are a great snack! And healthy!

07.19.12 By Brad from Rosemount

Wish I could find more than just the bars locally, instead of having to wait for shipping :( maybe someday I will try all to see which I like best.

07.21.12 Very good....... By michael from swampscott

Very good product found your product at whole food I went hone to order some test products so I can see what I like. I will be buying a lot . Wow pow and just so tasty... thank you for making so a great product

07.27.12 Hot Dogs By Guest from Alameda


07.29.12 Tanka Dogs By Susan from Lincoln

These are the best hot dogs I have ever eaten. I had them last year in Custer State Park, purchased at the Park stores. Unfortunately, they were not available this year.

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Guest on Mon Aug 6, 2012 10:18:24
July, 2012--Bought a few Tanka bars at Grand Teton NP, and had to eat one right away . Delicious! It served as breakfast and tided me over till an afternoon lunch. These are great snacks because they fill you up and last a long time without adding empty calories. Since they are so portable, they are great for anyone on the go.