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Mark Kenneth Tilsen, Jr. at the Tanka exhibit table at INFRA.

Tanka a household name at Independent Natural Food Retailers
Association Buyer Conference

By Jenice Johnson, story, and Mark Kenneth Tilsen, Jr., photos

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Our Tanka team member Mark Kenneth Tilsen, Jr. represented the company at the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association Buyer Conference this week in Minneapolis, MN.

INFRA is cooperative owned and governed by natural and organic food retailers of all sizes working together increase awareness in the industry. Mark got the opportunity to speak with several attendees at the event as well as a few that are already retailer partners with Tanka Bar. What stood out the most for him was how many people in attendance already knew about Tanka products.

"Looks like the branding is paying off. Of all the nearly 400 stores in attendance, only two people hadn't heard of us," Mark said. "We've come a long way."

Tanka samples and literature on display at the company's booth.

Ali from Bi-Rite, a Tanka retailer partner.

Mark said Debra Gragner took Tanka Bites to Mongolia in 2010. "Her hosts wanted to eat the oxygen absorber in the bag," he said. "It says don't eat in 20 languages but Mongolian isn't one of them!"

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