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Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for June
By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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06.03.12 No Subject By kimberley from cumming

I love Tanka Bars. Great treat in between meals or a great pick-me-up when I am working and do not have time to stop to eat. I keep them in my purse so I always have one handy.

06.06.12 Buffalo By Clementine from Los Angeles

Thank you for making such a wonderful (and sacred) food available to me as a Native person moving from a rural area to an urban setting.

06.11.12 Best snack to keep in your bag! Love the energy boost. By Kathryn from Forest Park

Tanka Bars are high in protein, and at 70 calories each are an excellent mid-afternoon snack. I always make sure I have one in my bag in case I start to feel a little draggy. Although I do not have a high tolerance for spice, I prefer the hot version of the Tanka Bar. The regular is fine but the hot just has a little more pepper kick without being overwhelming. One thing I didn't notice until I received them in the mail is that the bites really should be refrigerated once they are open. All are fine to store at room temp if they are not open.

06.15.12 High Hopes By Celeste from Vista

hope these will be great; I love buffalo! I create jerky for my son with grass fed beef, but these could save me some time, and mix up the taste buds a bit! I like the free shipping, and reasonable cost.

06.18.12 No Subject By Andi from Hamilton

Thanks so much for offering the sausage outside of the gift boxes! I can't wait to try it!!!

06.18.12 Survival Stash By Heather from Guerneville

I keep buying your wonderful products thinking I will put them in my "Survival Stash" in case of an earthquake, flood or whatever.

Only to discover soon afterwards that I have eaten it all :-)

06.19.12 Best Snack EVER! By Stefanie from San Rafael

As a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Personal Trainer, I am frequently asked, "What should I eat for a healthy snack?" Most people will opt for something processed and loaded with sugar, because it is convenient, cheap, and available everywhere. Sadly, this goes against all of their efforts to improve their health and well-being. Tanka is the #1 snack I recommend because it is high in protein from a healthy source, and it provides lasting energy for my busy clients who are on the go. Best of all, it is high quality and great for anyone who is sensitive to gluten. I try to always keep a Tanka product handy so that when I find myself hungry and on the run, I can eat something that benefits my health, the community, and mother nature!

06.24.12 No Subject By Melissa from Wichita Falls

Im excited to get this in the mail.

06.26.12 Pila Miya Ta Tanka! By Metta from Taos

Your bars are ESSENTIAL for back packing off trail.....especially when I get lost!

06.27.12 No Subject By Lise from Duvall

I first had a Tanka bar from a gift shop in the Badlands State Park in South Dakota. It was so yummy,I ordered box when I got home.

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Guest on Fri Jul 27, 2012 13:25:27
Just returned from 10 days in the Black Hills area. First saw Tanka Bars at the Tatanka museum and purchased 4 of them. I thought they were very great, so when I saw them again in the gift shop at the Crazy Horse Memorial, I bought a bunch to bring back for the people at work to try and everybody LOVED them. Glad to see I can buy them online! Excited to see the other products as well.