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Two very helpful Brazilian translators, Kimmie and Marie Ella,
who are assisting Mark and American Indian Foods.

Brazil gets its first taste of Tanka

By the Tanka Team, story, and Mark Kenneth Tilsen, photos

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Tanka team member Mark K. Tilsen is currently in Sao Paulo, Brazil representing the company at the first SIAL Brazil International Food Show. He joins more than 1,000 exhibitors at the show, which will be hosting more than 65,000 attendees.

Mark is exhibiting with American Indian Foods.

He has already sent us a few photos from day one of his journey there.

Doing marketing research with American Indian Foods in an upscale grocer in Sao Paulo

One of the exhibitors at SIAL demonstrating a device that
puts infomercial staple The Slap Chop to shame. Perfect waffle fries and everything.

For more information: SIAL Brazil

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