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"I have been using Tanka products for over 5 years.
They are the best."

By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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Top Comments for October 2016

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Tanka Bars & Bites By Lisa from Littleton

Your jerky bars and bites are the BEST!!

Excellent product By Amy from Council Bluffs

I am not much of a meat eater, but this product is perfect. Not at all like most jerky, very easy to chew, and very healthy. I carry at all times in my car and keep in my cupboard. I love that it is made in the U.S. by folks who know the most about the buffalo. Best jerky ever!

Charles from San Diego

I have been using Tanka products for over 5 yrs...They are the best.

Mistyne Hall reviewed Tanka Bar

I'm so happy Whole Foods carries them, so I stocked for my study sessions! They are my new favorite healthy study snack. They just hit the yummy spot!

YUM By Katie from Ventura

Not only are these meat sticks delicious...I watched an amazing documentary on the company and how they brought hope and jobs to a community who needed it. I support businesses like this!

TANKA BAR By Gary from Jacksonville

We were in South Dakota earlier this year, and bought some Buffalo meat with cranberries bars. They were delicious! So, we just had to order more!

Anna Tilsen reviewed Tanka Bar

My son loves Tanka Bars. It feels good to know his snack of choice is healthy and will help him in his activities.

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