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Church of the Brethren
youth work camp stops by the Tanka HQ

By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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Young volunteers from Church of the Brethren have been working on projects on our Pine Ridge Reservation this week.

They took a break from their heavy work week recently to try a Tanka Wild Stick to get some energy back. Youth ages 12-18 participated from all over the United States. They stopped in to taste and learn about the Tanka Bar.

They painted the community building at St. Barnabas and earlier in the week they tended to the garden at the local youth center. They also painted the interior and deck of the senior center.

This was one of the largest groups I have taken around the office. As Eugene and I passed out the Spicy Tanka Wild Sticks, one of the young workers said, "This tastes like meat candy!" This is common for around here it was good to hear that people from other places like to think of this healthy snack as candy as well.

I would like to thank Beth Krehbiel, coordinator, for setting this up this visit. Glad we had a good tour and I can't wait for the next group in July. Thanks for making us a part of your experience here.

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