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Indiana friends visit Tanka HQ during trip to help Pine Ridge folks

By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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Our new friends, David and Pamela McCoy from McCoy Herbs and Crafts, Nashville, IN, make time during the summer to visit Pine Ridge Reservation with Nape Nasi Ministries, and they stopped in recently to visit us at Tanka Headquarters.

Napi Nasi is a program the McCoys helped start because they said they wanted to find a way to help people on Pine Ridge as well as make some improvements to the reservation. The McCoys build handicap ramps for people in three of our Pine Ridge communities, Wanblee, Potato Creek and Wounded Knee.

Pamela is a huge fan of the Tanka Bar, and she said she had driven by the building but she never knew it was the Tanka Bar HQ. We gave the McCoys a tour of the building and introduced them to our team.

As new friends, we would like to thank them and the Nape Nasi Ministries for the work they do every year. We are glad to see their accomplishments and hope to see them reach their goals.

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