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Tanka president - aka Dorky Geezer - explores
The Boundary Waters

By Mark Tilsen, president of Native American Natural Foods

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After taking a three-year hiatus from my annual spring fishing trip with my son, Nick, nephew and close friends, on my 56th birthday we recently headed out to The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

The waters are a restricted wilderness where no logging, mining, glass oil cans or motorized access is permitted to the more than 1,000,000-acre area in northern Minnesota. The BWCAW is part of, and managed by, the Superior National Forest. It is one of the last wild places in the Lower 48 states. We spent a week canoeing, fishing, hiking, talking and eating Tanka Bars and Tanka Wild Sticks and, of course, having fun.

The fishing was great. The highlight of the trip was a bright, star-lit night. We all relaxed, watching the stars and listening to the loons sing.

Nick (in the photo above) started singing a Lakota lullaby and all the loons joined him in a great concert. And when he stopped singing, the entire lake went silent. It was one of those magic moments that reminds us we are not that far from the animals we share this planet with and we need to do a better job of protecting our Mother Earth.

I came back relaxed and feeling great. I have been told by my staff I look like a dork in these photos. And all I can say is I am going to be a dork every chance I get! As I get older and older, I am proud to be a dorky geezer!

Now, who needs a TANKA Bar?

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