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Adventures in dragonflies: Tanka fuels search for winged beauties

By Jenice Johnson, story, and John Saffer, photos

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Our friend John Shaffer had the opportunity to go on his first Ode Hunt this week. According to the website odesforbeginners, Ode is a colloquial term short for odonate, an insect of the order Odonate and is commonly used by enthusiasts to refer to a damselfly or a dragonfly.

A Boreal Bluet

John met other members of the Minnesota Odonata Survey Project at a location near the Twin Cities in search of the Spatterdock Darner. He took plenty of Tanka Bars to keep well-fed and energized while on the hunt.

"Those things [Tanka Bars] saved the day. I had a few stashed in my pocket. Turns out we didn't stop for lunch, and I was a little worried about getting there on time in the morning, so I had a Tanka bar for breakfast on the drive up, another for a pre-lunch snack, another for lunch, and another later in the day when we were wrapping things up," he writes in his blog about the day. "A while back I had told someone that I could eat Tanka Bars all day. Today I did! And it was gooood! Remarkably I was not hungry in the least, even with all of the tromping through marshlands and ponds and mud. They must pack a ton of energy in those suckers, because they really kept me going."

Along the way, John was fortunate to snap a photo of a female Twelve-Spotted Skimmer landing on his Tanka Bar, which is the main image on this story. To read more about his adventures in dragonflies, and to see more breathtaking photos, visit John's blog: My Dog Shoba.

A Four-spotted Skimmer

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