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Facebook fan shares his buffalo adventure

By Photos by Brian Peffly

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Our Facebook friend Brian Peffly had a great adventure in the Dakotas and Montana this month. He took several photos from his trip, one of which was taken near the Sage Creek campground at Badlands National Park which is near the Pine Ridge Reservation -- home of the Tanka Bar.

He took a cool shot of a deep buffalo track on the American Prairie Reserve in Montana, "where the people are as free to roam around as the animals are," he said. He also took beautiful photographs of a herd of buffalo that moved through the area right next to his campsite, which was aptly named Buffalo Camp. He even encountered a boulder with ancient petroglyphs carved into it.

"I'm thinking of making this an annual adventure..." he said and promised he would take even more photos of Tanka Bars on the road!

Thanks so much Brian for sharing your adventure with us!

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