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Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for August

By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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08.04.11 Tanka Bars By Shana from Ackerly

Picked up a Tanks Bar while on vacation in Wyoming at a Visitors Center. Loved it! Can't wait to get my order in. I'm sending the bars with my son who is headed for a stay in Africa. Now I know he will be eating good protein.

08.04.11 Protein bars Joanna from Upland

I can't wait to try the basket that has a bit of everything - I prefer the spicy but my son's may prefer the spicy - so we all get to try it all out! We are following the Paleo diet - and I think these bars will fit in very well.

08.09.11 Love My Buffalo Bars By Crystal from Camarillo

I was a little hesitant about trying Tanka Bars because I never had buffalo and was a little scared of liking the taste. I need a low calorie snack that would give me enough protein. I love these bars. There are the exact mixture of meat and protein. I have given a couple of bars to my friends and they have ordered them as a snack for themselves also.

08.15.11 a perfect gift By Suellen from Baltimore

for my daughter who is concerned about naturally raised food. She will now have healthy protein snacks handy at college. I'm so glad NPR did the story so that I heard about this wonderful company.

08.15.11 No Subject By Amy from Providence

I'm really excited to try the Tanka Bar. My grandparents live in Ponca City, Oklahoma and despite the huge Native community, they have told me there are no Native restaurants or food available there at all. These bars will go with my husband to work. He has Celiac disease and works long hours so he must pack all his meals and snacks--sort of like a warrior. :) Hopefully these can keep his energy up on those 18 hour days. Thank you so much!

08.15.11 Heard about your company on NPR. By A. Kenneth from Daytona Beach

The interview and story was very interesting to listen to as I drove into work this morning concerning your struggle for financing. I thought i would try your product.

08.17.11 Tanka Bars By Gloria from Mesa

Our family's introduction to the Tanka Bar was when we visited the Crazy Horse Memorial in April 2010 and then again in July 2011. After the recent July visit I looked online to see if I could buy Tanka Bars locally. I am so glad to have discovered that I can buy Tanka Bars online. This is my second order already. These bars are so good.

08.28.11 Tanka Bars are Awesome By Robert from Poulsbo

I've been following a Paleo/Primal diet for a number of months now and having a handy snack isn't always easy. I stumbled across the Tanka Bar at the General Store in Port Gamble. I was hooked. It's perfect with the buffalo and cranberry's. Thanks for brining this quality item to the market!

08.29.11 Love Them! By Robin from Wilmington

I got hooked on Tanka Bars when I was in Pine Ridge this summer - when I got back home I went through withdraw! There is no other product that even comes close to being as good as a Tanka Bar! Can't wait to get them in the mail.

08.29.11bar taste By Tatyana from Parkland

I tried your bar and absolutely LOVED it. Great product. thank you. I got it for myself and my 13 yr old as a school snack.

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