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Tanka Bar reaches great heights in Alberta, Canada

By Nathan Smith,

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Nathan Smith, blogger at, is a barefoot runner who is tracking his experiences either going barefoot or wearing Vibram FiveFinger shoes throughout daily activities. He even climbed Table Mountain in his FiveFingers this year with Tanka Bars in tow (so to speak) to keep him fueled. Below is his account of his adventure.

My first experience with the Tanka Bar was on top of Table Mountain near Pincher Creek, Alberta. I set out for the 2,300-foot climb across 2.5 miles on a sunny morning. The somewhat strenuous scramble found its end at the summit where storm clouds rumbled across the sky in welcome.

Wind blew coldly and snow began to fall as I nestled into low lying pines to find respite from the imposing blizzard. I ripped open the corner of my Tanka Bar revealing a thick, juicy bar which appeared similar to beef jerky. That, however, was where the similarities ended. A single bite revealed the tender texture filled with an explosion of flavor mingled with the magic of cranberries.

I downed the bar quickly with hopes that the promised consistent energy form Tanka Bars would warm and fuel me while escaping the mountain. Snow turned into a torrential down pour as I continued my decent. Cold continued to threaten, but as my vehicle came into view I found that my mind was tempted to turn around and complete the adventure again.

My introduction to Tanka was a pleasure. I experienced continuous, consistent energy from a bar that tasted great. I'm definitely excited to take Tanka with me on future endeavors.

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