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REI Boulder food testing night with Tanka Bar a success
By the Tanka Team

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Theresa Halsey represented Tanka Bar at a recent food testing night at REI Boulder. Robb Hiatt, office specialist at the location, raved about her time there in a wonderful letter to our marketing specialist, Jason Stover:

Hello Jason!

Thanks for being a part of our Food Testing Night and thanks for sending Theresa! She did an awesome job! Sarah and I were extremely pleased with the way everything turned out. Though we didn't get an accurate count of how many people arrived, we are guessing that the attendance was somewhere around the 275 mark! Most of our guests arrived at exactly six o'clock when the tasting began and there seemed to be a fair amount of families involved! We were also getting constant feedback from guests on how much they enjoyed the event and how it has influenced their buying decision.

Thanks again for all of your help and interest. We look forward to teaming up and doing more of these events in the future!

Robb Hiatt
Office Specialist
REI Boulder

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