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Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for July

By Jason Stover, marketing specialist

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07.04.11 tanka bars By melinda from Jacksonville

I'm going to China in August and staying in a rural village to train in Kung Fu and Taiji. I am extremely gluten and dairy sensitive, so I wanted to be prepared with easily packable food to eat, just in case... I could think of nothing better than Tanka bars which I frequently eat before training. Delicious and energy packed and easy on the digestive system. Great travel food!

07.05.11 One Tanka Bar from a friend and I was hooked! By Brian from Gaithersburg

Had One Tanka Bar and I ordered a gift pack so my family could try all the products!
Finally, a healthy line of dried and processed meats:-)

07.08.11 A nice alternative to traditional jerky By Janna from San Luis Obispo

I very much enjoyed trying the spicy pepper tanka bar, duirng a recent trip to South Dakota and Wyoming. I very much enjoy the blend of cranberry with the buffalo, making it a nice alternative to jerky. The spice too is a refreshing change from most energy bars, which are very sweet.

07.09.11 Intro to Tanka Bites By Sarah from Shepherdstown

While visiting my daughter in NC, we were shopping in a larger grocery store. On a whim I bought a package of Tanka Bites. I had never been one to enjoy 'jerky' kinds of packaged meat, but this one caught my attention. Later, at home, when I opened it and tasted it, I was captivated! I wanted more!!! Now, here I am, registering and ordering online to get a Tanka-fix.
Looking forward to my order arriving.

07.12.11 Tanka Bars Are Amazing By Patricia from Charlestown

I'm trying to lose weight and nothing has been tasting good and satisfying. Snacks are my downfall. A friend on the Paleo diet recommended Tanka Bars and I am wild for them. Lean, low calorie, supremely satisfying snack bars that are perfect for the 3 PM slump at work -- I haven't looked at chocolate or sugar for a month.

07.15.11 Lila wast'e! By Brittany from spring valley

Tanka bars are a very good source of energy and even better is that its done by our people and for the people, its a great feeling =) keep up the good work!!!
*Mitakuye Oyasin*

07.18.11 Tanka bars By Steven from Traverse City

I have always taken jerky on backpacking trips. But Tank bars (I like the traditional ones) are the best I've had. Even my wife loves them.

07.24.11 Tanka Bar By Katherine from Perrysburg

Tanka Bars are perfect. Taste great. Healthy. High protien and low fat. I love supporting Native American Natural Foods. My doctor suggested Tanka Bars. Everyone I've introduced to Tanka Bars loves them.

07.27.11 My Favorite Bar! By Chris from Snoqualmie

Thanks much for expediting my order - I'm heading to Alaska for 10 days on float trip - this is my personal energy snack, sweet treat and meat all rolled into one!

07.30.11 bites By AMY E from GLENDALE

i recently had the chance to try your products when auntie's fry bread came around for lunch in north hollywood, ca. loved them! the bites i had were made with wild rice but i couldn't find that information here on your website. wondered if it was a new product or the ingredient wasn't listed?
anyway can't wait to get more tanka treats!
i would buy sweetgrass from your site as well ;)

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